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Which One is the Best? Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 vs Moto M

HI there guys I am Nikhil from Greedytech
and this is the comparison between Redmi note 3 and Moto M. Redmi note 3 is the King of budget phones and Moto M is like a new fish in the pond. So everyone want to know the difference between
these two phones while purchasing a new mobile from Moto,
so let's get stared. Let's start with the similarities first
Both the phones have dual SIM support with dual 4g and VOLTE support, Jio works on both the phones right out of the box
And both the phones have hybrid sim slot, So you have to choose between inserting two SIM cards or with a SIM card and memory card. We get all the basic sensors in both the phones
Including LED notification light, compass, otg support, and FM Radio

Both the phones have Gyroscope. So you can enjoy vr content on both the phones,None of the phones have any fast charging
or quick charging technology. They come with a normal 10watt power adapter,But moto calls it rapid charger. Now let's look at the difference.

Design and build
Both the phones have similar metal build, But differs a lot in terms of design, Moto M, comes with a complete Unibody metal designing with a curved back, flat sides and chamfered edges Redmi note 3 comes with a metal back, with plastic strips at the top and bottom, for antennas. A flat back and curved edges. Both the phones have their own pros and cons. Redmi feels better to hold, but it's slippery. Moto M feels slightly uncomfortable to hold. Because of the sharp edges. But it's less slippery. Moto also comes with a 2.5D curved glass, It looks good, but not too fancy to even out that advantage, we have a camera bump. For single handed usage, moto M feels more convenient, as Redmi note 3 has a wider screen. Design always comes down to personal preference, so you can choose the best one based on your preference. I would call this round a tie

From the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Specification that i read from smartphonerankings.com, both the phones come with finger print scanner.
on the back, Both are fast and accurate, but, Redmi note 3 unlocks the phone slightly faster than moto M
We don't have any gestures for finger print scanner on both the phones, But on Redmi note 3, we can take pictures using the finger print scanner. We also get a ir blaster with Redmi note 3, Which allows you to control any device with a remote

When it comes to display, there is more to it , than meets the eye On paper.Both the phones sport a 5.5inc full HD display
with. Both the phones have good viewing angles, And you can live with either of them. But if I had to pick a winner, it will be
Redmi note 3. Because of the capacitive buttons on Redmi note 3, we are getting more screen real-estate (space) than moto m
Around 10% more. We also have options to change display saturation levels and color temperature. And finally We have reading mode that protects your eyes by acting as a blue light filter

Both the phones, have equally wide angle lenses on the back
But moto m has wider lens on the front. Capturing speeds are faster on Redmi note 3. Focusing speeds are better on Redmi note 3. Moto has better rear camera, with better color
and better dynamic range. For selfie lovers moto m offer wider lenses, with better brighter images. On the whole Moto M has better cameras. But the difference is small, you can check out my camera comparison for more sample shots

Redmi note 3 comes with a snapdragon 650 processor. And moto M comes with a MediaTek Helios P15 processor. Now let me tell you what's under the hood. Redmi note 3 has 6 cores 4 low perforformance cores and 2 high performance cores. Moto m has 8 low performance cores. When you compare these 2 phones it's like you are comparing a normal car with a sports car. And if you still didn't understand what
I mean Check out these benchmark scores. An Tutu is a combination of multiple scores, so you don't find much difference
But you can see huge difference in geek bench single core score. Now if you are a normal user, then you will never notice the difference in performance. Buy if you play a lot of games , or if you install lot of apps, Then you will notice that Redmi note 3, open apps much faster than moto m. Now the winner of this round is definitely Redmi note 3, But if you are a very basic user, you can consider this round as a tie

If cpu is the heart of a phone, then software is the soul. Both these phones offers two different kinds
of experiences

Moto M, comes with android M out of the box, and it will get the next version of android 7.0 Nougat very soon. It offers you a very plain, stock android experience. Apart from Microsoft bloat ware, it's literally empty. It doesn't even have moto display or the moto gestures seen in other moto phones.

Redmi note 3 , runs on a skinned version of android called MIUI,It's running miui8, on top of lollipop. Currently this os, is horrible, camera is very bad, But there is a developer rom, based on Marshmallow, It's very stable, and camera performance is
way better

It is very easy to install and I'll be uploading
a video on it very soon, so stay tuned for that. Now if you ignore this issues. MIUI offers you tons of useful features like reading mode, dual apps, secondary space, call recording. Long screenshots, And the list goes on and on. Just in terms of software features, Redmi note 3 wins this round

But Redmi note 3, like all the phones running miui , has memory management issues, And moto m doesn't. It is a problem, but considering the other benefits, you might have to bear with it. To sum it up. If you want more software features, then Redmi note 3 will be the winner. And if you want a stock android experience,without any bugs or stability released issues,Moto M will be the winner

Now this is where moto has an edge. Audio experience is almost the same on both
the phones. But Moto m speaker come with Dolby atmos and its slightly louder than Redmi note 3, but at high volumes , irritating. Audio experience via audio jack is slightly better on moto m, it sounds better with less
noise at high volume

This is going to be a deciding factor to every one. With Redmi note 3 you get a 4050mah battery, It takes around 2 hours to charge the phone and you get around 6-8 hours of screen on time, And it can last you 2 days on normal usage. It also has a micro usb charging port. Moto m comes with a 3050mah battery and a
type-c charging port

It takes 90 minutes to charge and it gives you 3-4 hours of battery life, mostly around 4 hours. But because of the useless type c port, you will have to carry your own type-c cable everywhere
you go

It's future proof, but in present, it's still
an inconvenience. As anyone could guess, Redmi note 3 is the
winner of this round too

Now besides all these differences, Redmi note 3 has few additional perks. Like rooting doesn't void warranty. We will get updates for a very long time,with new features every year. Which you will miss on Moto M. We get an ir blaster, to control all the gadgets
with a remote

We have Mi protect,It's an insurance for mi phones, if you break your phone, you can get it fixed for free. All the recent moto phones, Moto M offers water repellent coating. It's just water repellent, not water proof

So don't try dipping your phone in water. Call quality, signal reception, are good on both the phones,But you get hybrid sim slots on both the phones.

So you can't use 2 sim cards and sd card all at once. Redmi note 3 is available only in 16 and 32gb variants sold at 100000rs and 12000rs Moto m, is available in 32 and 64gb variants, sold at 16000 and 18000rs sold exclusively on flipchart. So if you want a dual sim phone, you have the option to get 64gb variant of moto m,

Moto M's strongest point is the stock android
experience and stability,It is completely plain without any customizations
or features

But With nougat update we can see some more new features. You can get all the software features found in Redmi by installing third party apps, but it will slow down your phone a lot
For a normal user, moto m will be good enough and Redmi note 3 will be good for normal users and power hungry users. If you still couldn't decide, between these two phones, and want my suggestion.

Go with the Redmi note 3, It is better than moto M in every aspect, and it will last you much longer. If you are a normal user, who doesn't like Chinese companies, and want to buy a branded phone. Then you can definitely buy moto M

It's not better than Redmi note 3,But it's definitely better than what Samsung,Lg and HTC are offering
If you are looking for other alternatives, you can check out my video on best phones
under 15000rs video. Just as a small disclaimer,
Moto M, is the first phone made by Lenovo and sold with the Moto logo. So technically, moto M is also a Chinese branded phone

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